Home Designer Gene Dettwyler

Home Designer Gene Dettwyler

Abacus Design LLC, based in Salem, Oregon, is owned and operated by Gene Dettwyler, and specializes in designing custom homes, remodels, and additions.

Our goal is to provide plans for a design which contains the elements you want, is efficient, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing.

About Gene Dettwyler

Gene Dettwyler is a residential home designer with many years of design and building experience. He strives to provide a design which is both attractive and functional. A successful home design doesn't just happen- it's a process between the homeowner and the designer. Gene uses information and feedback from the homeowner, plus his knowledge and experiences to build on the design until it is what the homeowner wants.


Adding to Gene's residential design and drafting expertise, his background in the many facets of construction ensures that his home designs are built on a foundation of knowledge. Gene is a seasoned home builder, a competent project manager, and an accurate estimator.


Early in his career he owned a finish carpentry business and has since performed all other aspects of construction: concrete forming and finishing, framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, exterior finish, roofing, drywall, interior finish, painting and finishing, cabinets, tile and stone, and landscaping.

Abacus Design, LLC is not limited to working with just homeowners, but is ready to assist builders, other designers, and architects. Read more on our Services page.