Abacus Services

Abacus is more than happy to work with Architects and Contractors. We have over 25 years of experience in every aspect of construction, from finished carpentry to drawing up final plans and renderings.

We've outlined our process below so you have a clear understanding of what we are able to do for you. 


If you're an architect, Abacus can provide consulting services so you can better focus on your job. These services include, but are not limited to the following:


Consulting Services for Architects and Builders:

  • Advise on design conflicts, design options, code issues.
  • Verify that all structural elements and engineering is compatible with the design so changes are not needed during construction.
  • Work with truss manufacturers to ensure compatibility with design and structural elements.
  • Provide phone and on-site problem solving for you, the builder, the subcontractors, and the owners.


If you are looking to have a remodel planned and designed, or custom home project planned and designed from scratch, we can provide the following:


Design Services for Home Buyers:

  • Provide 3D drawings/renderings if desired for entire project or parts of the project.
  • Produce permit ready plans from your design/rough designs. Provide all structural design. Coordinate all required structural engineering, using our engineer or an engineer of your choice.
  • Make plan modifications during the building process to ensure existing deadlines are met. 
  • Provide required rough opening sizes for windows and doors.
  • Lighting/Electrical layout including verifying and altering framing to avoid lighting/framing conflicts.
  • Accomodate HVAC needs and ducting to prevent design changes during construction.


Visit our Process page for a full description of our planning, design and deliverable phases.